Value Creation

ACP seeks companies that align well with our strategic value creation framework for building companies and generating investment returns for our stakeholders.

Our strategic value-creation approach was developed over 25 years of transacting and investing experience and is personalized to meet the unique demands of lower middle-market companies. We work actively with management to generate revenue and earnings growth, usually in parallel with organizational development and professionalization of the companies in matters ranging from high-level strategy, additional human capital resources, identify and execute add-on acquisitions, and upgrade internal financial and IT systems.

We understand growth creates complexity and demands resources, new ways of doing business, and new areas of expertise. We work hard with our teams to identify what they need and help them get it. Our decades of investing and transacting experience have thought us that there is no one “all-in-one” solution, that applies equally well in all cases.

Our value creation strategy is designed to be applied in a way that is customized for every portfolio company. This will assist in creating a result that more precisely targets resources to help management realize its vision and generate investment returns for our stakeholders.  

Our Value Creation Strategy includes:

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